Shell and Tube

Shell and Tube (S&T) heat exchangers are the traditional heat exchanger, used in industry. Although other types of heat exchangers can offer a more economical solution in many cases. The S&T is still the best option for very high pressure applications with a short thermal length, although the plate & shell® concept is gaining in popularity over the S&T. AHTT Engineering is able to offer S&T solutions and other viable alternatives for you when you are next considering a heat exchanger.

Shell & Tube (SaT)_1 Shell & Tube (SaT)_2

Key Benefits

  • High temperature – above 400C
  • Low pressure drop
  • Able to accept hazardous materials
  • Ability to handle any application regardless of temperature , pressure or corrosiveness of the liquids.
  • Easily repairable without the need to return to the original supplier
Additional Info:
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