Shell and Tube Cleaning

Automatic Tube Brushing (ATB) System

Product Description:

The ATB System automatically maintains tube fouling at or below design conditions

without interrupting normal equipment operation.

The ATB System consists of a special nylon brush inserted in each tube and a

low-pressure drop catch basket attached to each end of the tube.

A custom-made four-way reversing valve is installed to permit reversing

the direction of water flow. The reversed water flow pushes the brush through

the tube, removing tube deposits. The brush is caught in the opposite end

basket and remains there until flow is reversed again in 30 seconds, thus

repeating the process.

The frequency of the reversing cycle is set up to match job conditions

(normally every six hours). The four-way reversing valve pneumatic (or electric)

actuator is controlled by a pre-set time cycle that assures regular tube brushing

during equipment operation.



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