Crossle Coils

Crossle CoilAs the oldest heat exchanger manufacturer in Australia, Crossle Coils provide not just the most experience, but a unique insight into quality production, specializing in contract coil manufacture.

All coils are allocated and identified by a job number, and are traceable both electronically and with documentation. All coils can be replaced according to original design drawings and documentation.



Why do our customers return year after year

  • We do Special designs
  • Fast turnaround of failed units
  • Reverse engineer an existing unit when the original design data is not available.
  • Bespoke designs for that unique situation

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Low and High Pressure Steam Heating
  • Unit Heaters – Steam, Hot Water – Thermal Fluid
  • Direct Expansion Coils
  • Water Coils
  • Tube Bundles and Compressed Air Coolers
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Coils
  • Economisers
  • Finned Tubing

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