Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger (PHE) is probably the most efficient liquid to liquid heat exchanger available today.

Consisting of a pack of profiled heat transfer plates.

The fluid’s path is in true counter current flow, giving maximum efficiency.

Thin sheet material allows high grade steels to be used economically.

For aggressive duties press able metals such as titanium, Nickel or Tantalum are possible.
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PHE Applications:
Steam Production MDI/Polyol Cooling Condensor Cooling
Steam Production MDI/Polyol Cooling Condensor Cooling
Additional Info:
Resources Size Table Operation Manual
Food Industry Wine Brewery
HVAC Cooling Tower
Industrial PHE In the Process Industry Pharmaceutical Double Wall
Technical Tables ANSI Class 150 ANSI Class 600 ANSI Class 1500