Our Products

Our philosophy is to supply our customers with the best technical and economical solution to meet their requirements by allying with manufacturers of world-class heat exchange products.

  • Plate Heat Exchangers: A compact solution for liquid / liquid, steam/liquid and viscous liquid heating and cooling.
  • Brazed Heat Exchangers: BPHE for high temperature and pressure applications. Ideally suited for non ammonia refrigeration duties. An economical solution for commercial water heating duties.
  • Steam Injectors: Hydro Thermal Direct Steam Injectors are the most efficient and easy to use process water heating steam valve available on the market.
  • Shell & Tube: The traditional heat exchanger for high temperature and low pressue drops
  • Plate & Shell ® Exchangers: A fully welded platepack assembled into an outer pressure vessel with minimal temperature and pressure limitations
  • Bernoulli Filters: A high operation reliability trouble free strainer for use with low grade cooling water
  • Gasket Brochure : High quality ISO standard Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets 
  • EC500 Brochure : The EC500 Evaporator Range ISO standard at attractive pricing